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Welcome to the furnace.. .  .

I am Mike S., a pen & ink illustrator and graphic designer based in Athens, Greece and this is my personal art project and one-man operation that goes by the name Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Graphics.

I work in an analog fashion mainly with fine liner pens on paper and -at times- a light touch of digital meddling if it’s warranted. In my artworks I rely heavily in stippling and intricate line-work to produce the desired outcome, always with a time-consuming attention to detail. I am what you would call a self-taught artist.

I love to immerse myself in projects that involve a touch of surrealism and some form of visual doublespeak. I particularly enjoy the unsettling contrast that arises from the unnatural or irrational juxtaposition between elements with their own symbolic significance and an unfamiliar or even hostile environment. I draw inspiration from various fields, be it myth and the occult, nature and science, cosmic horror, civil unrest and post-apocalyptic fiction and at times I tend to engage in sociopolitical commentary in opposition to mainstream culture.

My commission work mainly focuses on album covers and band merchandise such as t-shirt designs, logos and poster design, though I am open to anything out of the ordinary. Usually I lean more on conceptualizing the whole endeavor, though I am always willing to realize an idea you have already decided upon, as long as there is some common ground with my interests and aesthetics. 

Feel free to get in touch for custom commissions, artwork licensing or any question that comes to mind. You can use the contact form on this site or message me on my social media accounts.

One last thing just so we don’t get off on the wrong foot here. Under no circumstances will I work on any project that promotes racism/sexism/fascism etc. As a rule of thumb, intolerance and hatred aimed at a group of animals, human or not, simply won’t fly here.

Massive respect & gratitude for your support, it is what allows me to keep doing what I love!


p.s.: Throughout the years I‘ve found myself playing in various bands, mostly in the extreme edges of the local underground music scene. Feel free to give these a listen: Fields of LocustI Want You DeadΛήθη (Lethe)Dead On Parole. Currently I am letting off steam in a crust/grind act called Μόρα (Mora).

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